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Brief Campaign Examples

Smart Messaging SMS 2.0 / Whatsapp Campaign examples

Case Study Overview: SMS 2.0 / Whatsapp


March 20 - Hisence who were sponsoring the Uefa European football championships required a solution to drive TV sales around the sponsorship but also to build loyalty among the customer base. Going forward to Fifa World Cup sponsorship and beyond.


Strategy devised to promote the sales through various promotional offerings. In order to build loyalty, smart messaging was deployed prior to various tournament games, the gamification experience engaged users utilising a “Guess the Game Score” outcome approach. This campaign was specific to various national teams around their tournament  games. Interactive smart messages (SMS 2.0/Whatsapp)  were delivered to TV buyers previous to games, users guessed the outcome and won prizes such as entertainment speakers and accessories to pizza deliveries.


Brinks: USA 

Delivery of home security kits, upon signing on delivery, a smart message was deployed via API activation. The smart message provided an interactive walkthrough of how to set up the security system which was delivered approximately 15 minutes after delivery.


Jabra : European Campaign - Territories: Germany, France, Benelux

Delivery of interactive advertising via SMS 2.0, Very successful with click throughs of 96% to promotional pages.


Canon: UK

Upsell of camera DSLR lenses to customers who made a recent purchase of a camera. This was the most successful campaign I have ever been involved in as purchasing additional lenses had a  63% conversion rate.


Michelin: France

Utilising data from previous Q 3 / 4 Campaigns, a smart messaging campaign was sent to users detailing promotion offerings for four tyres for the price of three. Conversion rate was 18.6% uptake here so this was also considered very successful.


Currently planning campaigns around location based smart messaging. User enters a certain location activating an automated smart messaging workflow.


Marketing Campaigns




Mar 20 - Intel was losing market share rapidly to AMD & new competition in the processor market from Apple, Intel   needed to grow a subsection of the millennium target market which they called Go-Getter. 


Research performed to identify marketing based approach to set appeal with target market. Identifying experience based promotional activity as a high value appeal to target market. Built campaign and worked with Intel OEM partners to execute promotional campaign which seen sales sore and more importantly, secure customer data for Intel which opened doors to build relationships and secure upgrades on devices when applicable.



Canon Printers

Needed to complete competitor analysis in European markets around competitor brand resellers and strategise around Canon competing against those competitors on ground level.



Ran backlink analysis to identify all suppliers from competitor sites, developed strong loyalty platform to promote Canon product sales with staff and resellers. Highly successful in growing market share across various territories.



Fleetwood are Irish national paint brand who were looking to compete more with Dulux on small budget against their large TV budget.



Ran paid search campaigns targeting search volume from TV ads for Dulux. Offered free colour cards to be delivered above Dulux in ratings. This lead to large increase in sales with small advertising budget on the back of Dulux large TV spend.